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Peter and the Farm

Peter Dunning is the proud proprietor of Mile Hill Farm, which sits on 187 acres in Vermont. The land’s 38 harvests have seen the arrivals and departures of three wives and 4 youngsters, leaving Peter with solely animals and reminiscences. The arrival of a movie crew causes him to confront his historical past and his legacy, passing alongside onerous-gained agricultural knowledge whilst he doubts the which means of the work he’s fated to carry out till dying. Haunted by alcoholism and remorse, Peter veers between elation and despair, typically suggesting to the filmmakers his personal suicide as a story machine. He’s a tragedian on a stage it has taken him most of his life to construct, and which now threatens to break down from below him. Directly a postcard from paradise and a cautionary story for our instances, Peter and The Farm sifts by the potential vitality of a human life, that which is used and that which is squandered.

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