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Divergent is a new movie series that is based off the book by the same name by author Veronica Roth. In this future dystopian world each person is divided into five different factions based on their personality: Abnegation, for the selfless; Amity, for the peaceful; Candor, for the honest; Dauntless, for the brave; and Erudite, for the Intelligent. Each year on a person’s 16th birthday they are given an amplitude test to see which faction they will be in, and they can decide to go to that factor or stay with their family’s faction. The is about Beatrice Prior, who is born into an Abnegation family, but shows an aptitude for three factions: Abnegation, Erudite, and Dauntless. She stresses at which to choose from, watch and see which decision she makes and how it will change the world around her.

Watch Divergent Online Free



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